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5 Mar 2018

The best erotic body massage in Nizhny Novgorod: how we do it

Body-massage – is not just massage of a body. This is an unique, complicated and magnificently erotic massage, which involves two bodies sliding on each other in aromatic oil. It gives you unreal drive. A body massage session is not like other kinds of entertainment, it leaves a long trail of sweet trembling in your body and soul. This is, as a fact, a flirt with a desirable outcome. Want to try body-massage in Nizhny Novgorod? Come to our salon, where luxury, heavenly girls will give you a rich and passionate session, making each cell of your body warm with love!

erotic massage nizhny novgorod

What’s essential in body-massage?

A beautiful and thrilling girl, who performs it

Every man desires to win the disposition of some gorgeous girl. And what if she appears to be an artful masseuse? Just awesome! If you want to get the most of body massage, you must have a desire to get close with the masseuse. The erotic massage masters of Amsterdam are all nice and sweet, they know how to make a man tremble!

A good command of erotic massage techniques

Even a really nice girl may spoil the evening, if she hasn’t mastered the body massage technique on a certain level. It’s really not the easiest one, and it takes more than “knowing massage a little”. The master has to control her body, use her breast and booty very artfully. It’s not enough slide to and fro along the man’s back, the moves have to be variable and give the man a lot of delight. Even if one is excited enough, inept body massage can make him confused and bored.

Amsterdam’s ladies act very confidently, not only making you melt under their bodies, but going from mild to strong seductions, as your excitement grows. You’ll go through a wide range of sensations, from velvety kisses of girl’s lips to the heat of her pussy.

No disturbing thoughts

What makes a man relax? Cozy atmosphere, sensual fragrances, fresh sheets, gleaming candles… And as well the lady’s desire to get close with you and to surprise you! You have to get rid of thoughts about money, running of time and your safety.

In Amsterdam everything is fine and clear: you pay only once and don’t have to pay more, unless you ask for some additions. The rooms are fresh and tidy, clean towels and disposable toiletries are always offered to you. Our girl simply don’t work without being in the mood, they are sincerely glad to explore your body and teach you a couple of erotic lessons.

erotic massage salon nizhy novgorod

Body massage in Nizhny Novgorod: personal ads

There’s always the question: what’s better - a salon or individual masters? We may safely say that the Amsterdam salon offers a few strong arguments in its favour.


Our salon is placed in a separate house near the centre of Nizhny Novgorod and offers legal spa services.

Coming to a private apartment you’re never sure, that the master doesn’t work in pair with swindlers or robbers. Moreover, there you will be naked and relaxed – that’s a quite vulnerable state.

The level of mastership

Looking at personal ads you may notice, that individual masters offer a wide range of services up to acupuncture. They often count on the lack of sophistication of most men in this sphere. “Well. Yes. I do body-massage, just come here and everything will be ok” – a common approach of amateur masseuses. Our girls refine their skills during exclusive erotic massage classes, they are interested in high quality of their services.


In our salon a man can relax in a Jacuzzi, accept the fondles of gorgeous girls on a wide bed, watch a dance show of two or more girls. In a typical flat an amateur master can hardly provide such level of service.

We’re waiting for you in Amsterdam for an unreal body-massage from our beauties!


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