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Our interiors

If you want to feel like a sultan, you need fabulous chambers! Modern sultans prefer good taste and originality, just like our décor in Amsterdam. Atmosphere in the style of different cultures is combined with the comfort on the highest level, all commodities are well thought out, so you don’t have a single trouble here and have your mind pleasantly set.

Ideal rooms for lovers

7 thematic rooms at your disposal: High-tech, Asian, Russian, African, Latin, BDSM. Chose the one, that meets your esthetic preferences. If you like our apartments, you may rent them for any purposes. All rooms are kept in ideal cleanliness, have a shower, fresh towels and disposable toiletries. We offer you to bring your sweetheart with you for an ideal romantic date in Nizhny Novgorod: a cozy room for lovers with a wide bath covered with rose petals and a freezy bottle of champagne.

Perfect interiors for a photo session

All our interiors have a distinctive character, so they offer a very good background for photo sessions. A little bit of photographer’s skills, and such pictures will be a great thing in your portfolio. Renting our interior will be of interest for models, photographers and cameramen. The décor of our men’s club suits perfectly for NU photoworks. It may be even cheaper, than paying for a photostudio, moreover in our erotic club you will find special furniture and requisite.

BDSM room for rent

We need to mention one place in Nizhny Novgorod, where to the rapture moans the hidden desires of decent people are fulfilled. In our salon you can rent the BDSM-room, that is designed to inspire refined and passionate role plays. Sanguineous highlights arouse suppressed instincts, and stout pillars and chains won’t let the slave escape his punishment! Role plays in such a place are a vast source of excitement.


The name of this room speaks for itself. The reign of pure forms, minimalism, glossy surfaces. In the heat of erotic session they will help to prolong the pleasure and to prevent you from bursting with emotions, chilling your heated imagination. When you are close to the final, the serenity of the environment will be a pleasant contrast with your inner rapture.

Sabai room

South-east Asians say double “sabai-sabai” when they feel better than any time before. In English it means “serenity”, “ease” and perfectly matches the atmosphere in our Asian style room. Dim light, textures and materials pleasant for touch, low benches and furniture. Incredibly stylish and as well reserved and ascetic interior will show you new passionate shades, when a charming masseuse arrives.


Ruacana is a waterfall in the north of Namibia, whose explosive character and majestic beauty captures imagination of travelers. Inspired by its turbulent temper we’ve created for you a room in African style. In this wild and primitive interior our enticing masters will lead you into the waterfall of pleasures and passion.

Red and Black

This is the only room, which abandons blissful and romantic atmosphere in favour of brutal, aggressive sexuality. Red twilight gives all the power to your imagination. The domination of red hues bring out your passion and activate sexual energy. The contrast of black elements, dark silk of sheets and crude iron grates symbolize the action in the room: one dominates and the other – obeys.


The exotic flower of Lantana is one of the world’s most beautiful plants, it became the inspiration for our Latin room. It gives out a pleasant? alluring scent in the south sun. Dive into the world of the sweetest bliss with our stunning girls. Hot and incendiary babes, like rythms of latin drums, will help you to burst in blossom of passion.

Russian fun

An unique interior in original Russian style will help you to discover Russian traditions of long time ago, when every wife could not only feed her man, but fully please him as well. A room in the manner of Russian wood house with a brick oven creates a special air, that helps you to relax by body and soul. Hot and tempting Russian beauty will make you tremble and moan sweetly from her fondles and sweet ecstasy.

Streets of Amsterdam

A modern style interior in black and white will be a nice place for you to rest from the noise of the megapolis. You may take a seat beside the fireplace before and after the erotic session and have your favorite drink. Close your eyes, set your mind at ease and foretaste a sensual erotic relax session.

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Эротическая феерия для девушек

Испытайте силу и нежность его рук, они наполнят каждую клеточку вашего тела любовью и доведут до экстаза.

Эта программа для ценителей глубокого и чувственного расслабления.
Мышцы полностью избавляются от напряжения и усталости. Чувствуя себя легко и свободно.. В течение 90 минут опытный и соблазнительный мастер будет дарить вам незабываемые ощущения, чередуя интенсивный эротический массаж с нежными ласками и мягкими касаниями. 90 минут ласковых и нежных прикосновений. 90 минут качественного, расслабляющего массажа. 90 минут наслаждения и удовольствия.
Душ или Джакузи с мастером, классический массаж + массаж стоп и головы,
боди-массаж, эротическая часть, поцелуи по телу гостя, прикосновения к мастеру разрешены.