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скидка 10%

В понедельник действует скидка 10% на любую из наших программ (кроме Амстерлайт).


скидка 10%

Ero Massage in Nizhny Novgorod: programs in Amsterdam

Let yourself have a sweet time in our salon! Here you see a detailed list of our erotic programs, in which you will be the main character – just wish it. We offer reasonable prices for Nizhny Novgorod, because our programs are always a good value for money. We don’t try to save a dime on your pleasure, offering Premium quality programs in elegant apartments, involving only young, beautiful and much skilled masseuses.

In Amsterdam you’ll find scenarios for dates with our stunning girls, which will inflame the ashes of your hidden desires. The duration and contents of programs are different – from classic “massage + erotica” session to special techniques and role-plays and involving 2 or 3 masters at a time. Our tender nymphs will be very attentive to your wishes, as long as they are not crossing the line. If you want everything to go as you plan, invent your own sequence of erotic techniques in the program “The Persona”. You can talk about your wishes before the session and arrange a date with the chosen beauty from our salon.

Nice additions for you: a tea ceremony, a fruit assorti, aromatic hookah and a steaming cedar barrel.

Take note: if you’ll order an addition “Bikini area”, you can fondle your masseuse in very intimate places.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t be shy to ask them in the contact form of this site or directly to our admin by telephone. There are no awkward questions for us and we can fulfill barely your any desire.

Pleasant bonuses

We regularly offer discounts to our dear guests! Don’t want to miss a thing? Check our special offers every week of just find out about discounts asking our admin. We always give a 20% discount at your birthday – for the birthday-boy himself and his friends. You’ll definitely live the new year of your life like you began it – so we say in Russia!

You have a possibility to rent any room in our house for an hour or more for different purposes.

You can also present a certificate for an erotic program in Amsterdam to your shy friend, so that he would experience the best ero massage in Nizhny Novgorod!

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5000 руб
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Эротическая феерия для девушек

Испытайте силу и нежность его рук, они наполнят каждую клеточку вашего тела любовью и доведут до экстаза.

Эта программа для ценителей глубокого и чувственного расслабления.
Мышцы полностью избавляются от напряжения и усталости. Чувствуя себя легко и свободно.. В течение 90 минут опытный и соблазнительный мастер будет дарить вам незабываемые ощущения, чередуя интенсивный эротический массаж с нежными ласками и мягкими касаниями. 90 минут ласковых и нежных прикосновений. 90 минут качественного, расслабляющего массажа. 90 минут наслаждения и удовольствия.
Душ или Джакузи с мастером, классический массаж + массаж стоп и головы,
боди-массаж, эротическая часть, поцелуи по телу гостя, прикосновения к мастеру разрешены.